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Missing that wedded bliss or just feeling a bit too content ? Well team EventRent is here to help with our ten top tips for a happy marriage that are sure to keep your love life rockin' and rollin'! 

TIP #1 Learn how to let things go!

Wet towel on the floor, toilet seat up? Resist the urge to complain. While it's irritating, it will DEFINITELY happen again...and again...and again. Instead, recite a wee serenity Prayer: "I accept the things I cannot change." You'll be amazed at how quickly your resentment melts away.

TIP #2 Have fun!

Don’t take each other (or life) too seriously, remember to laugh lots! you know what they say... Laughter really is the best medicine.

TIP #3 Never lose the fine art of dating!

Setting aside a romantic evening on a regular basis can rekindle the magic of a long-term relationship. It doesn't have to be fancy, just special time for the two of you to remember how and why you first fell in love.

TIP #4 Keep his Hanger in check!

It’s been well documented that decreased blood sugar, even above what is considered true hypoglycemia, can lead to irritability and aggression. The brain, unlike other organs, needs glucose for energy, so it has every right to get hangry.

Ladies, the way to a mans heart IS through his stomach - so keep him well fed and everything will be okay!

TIP #5 Marriage isn’t about 50/50!

Marriage is about devoting yourself wholeheartedly to the other person. If you both are totally devoted, then you both get the best in return. Marriage is about giving 100%, divorce is 50/50.

TIP #6 Get down and...cuddly?

Research consistently shows that touching more creates a stronger bond by releasing oxytocin. Hold hands, rub shoulders, hug, kiss, give high-fives or even fist-bumps or bottom pats. When you give a quick hug or kiss, try to lengthen it to at least 5 or 10 seconds for more effective result.

TIP #7 It's ok to make mistakes!

Remember it won’t always be perfect – don’t look for perfection in each other.

TIP #8 Take time for yourself!

Go ahead, take that writing class—or any other interest you might have outside of those you share with your partner. It makes you more interesting to your partner and everyone else. Moreover, a little "me time" allows both you and your partner to grow as individuals and reduces the pressure on each of you to fill the others every need. You should also have a regular girls' (or boys') night out.

 TIP #9 Never say “I told you so!”

Strike the phrase “I told you so” from your vocabulary. They already know that you told them so, why rub it in? Saying so only creates ill will between you and your spouse. We all mess up from time to time. And when we do having it rubbed in our face doesn’t help. A little support and encouragement will do a lot more toward building a happy marriage than taking a shot at your partner when they are already feeling bad.

TIP #10 A love like no other!

Always put each other first – give 90%, take 10%. If you are both doing this for each other, then you are both winning!