Design Service

We work closely with our clients to understand the vision they have for their event;  regardless of whether they are planning a large scale corporate dinner, a wedding or a small private function.     

Many of our clients have a clear vision, and know exactly the look they want us to create.   They have the Pintrest boards, and the brief outlining every decor detail.   On these occasions, we simply match their 'wants and needs' with our hire range, to recreate a look as close as possible to what is desired.

But often, our clients are not quite sure what they want, or they may have some ideas, but not the overall vision that ties together a fabulous setting. We see a lot of 'Pintrest overwhelm', with so many options, people often don't know where to start.   And, this is where our design service comes in.  Here we dig deeper into your vision, and ask more questions with a design questionnaire.   Once we find the true essence of what you are hoping to achieve with your event, then we create a formal design concept, where we paint the picture for you.  Outlining clearly what we will do, and how it will look.   We use our expertise and knowledge, to help you create a stylish and cohesive look, that will fit your brief and your budget. 

Talk to us about our design service, to discuss your options.