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The Love Boat

Welcome aboard! Please proceed through check in, onto the boat deck and through the cruise ship doors.  

Once inside, enjoy the many contrasting features - from glitzy chandeliers to beach balls! 

Your guests can dress up in theme - anything from the flashy filthy rich, stowaways and rats, sleazy bartenders, bikini clad gold diggers, twin set and pearls honeymooners and the blue rinse brigade...

A shipwreck is positioned in the corner of the room, and has the hidden treasure chest... 

Guest tables are dressed in white linen and feature large fishbowl centerpieces...

The edges of the room are illuminated by LED up lights, set to soft blue...

The bar is located poolside, and festoon lights hang above for a real cruise ship deck setting...

Would you like to find out more? 
Our themed packages can be tailored to suit your requirements and budget. 

  • the love boat
  • the love boat
  • the love boat
  • the love boat
  • the love boat
  • the love boat
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